I know the abbreviation “AMITW” is probably going to be more popular but I like “AMNTW” bc it reminds me of ANTM. Americas Next Top McMahon

Preorders are now live for AMNTW's new album!

Ooh, good to hear! I haven’t heard their stuff but maybe I’ll do some pre-show research :).

Sounds like you might need some new friends. (I’m going with my younger sister because she has awesome taste in music.)

Got my tickets for the fall tour!! :)

Took a moment from the amitw promo shoot to snap some family photos. This albums almost in the bag.


HQ video of Andrew’s session at Richmond’s XL 102 last weekend. Above is the first time High Dive has been performed acoustic, and you can find the rest of their videos at their YouTube (includes I Woke Up In A Car, Cecilia and the Satellite, The Mixed Tape, and Synesthesia).


HQ video of Matt Nathanson and Andrew McMahon performing Tom Petty’s American Girl in St. Augustine, FL


Andrew took the day off for a studio day today with Grammy winning sound engineer Glenn Tabor in Charlotte, NC. Looks like the finishing touches are being put on the album!


Your answer to whether or not Andrew is still playing Konstantine.